Struggling to decide whether or not it’s time to give your trusted Florida electricians a call? It’s a fair question, but also one that needs a definitive answer! Just when does an electrical issue become an electrical emergency? Follow along with the specialists at Santor Electric Contractors while we discuss the difference between the dangerous issues and the annoying ones!

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When Is It an Emergency?

Home electrical systems are in use 24/7, and are rather complex systems. Because the number of problems you can encounter we would include the list below as electrical emergencies:

  • Buzzing, humming, and other odd sounds. Appliances making odd sounds, breakers that hum, buzzing from an outlet; these all indicate an overload or presence of wild electricity and can be an immediate cause for concern. Call our emergency electricians right away to avoid home damage and the potential for an electrical fire!
  • Pungent, melty odors. The stench of burnt wiring or the smoldering beginnings of an electrical fire are unmistakable and completely unpalatable. Trust your nose and call for service now! While you wait it would be wise to completely shut off power to either the affected area, or to the whole home for safety.
  • Power outages. Not necessarily of the storm variety. In the event of an unusual outage we would recommend contacting your utility provider for guidance. The problem could be on their end-a downed line, or a grid problem. But if it’s not, and they don’t have a good answer for you, it’s time to give our FL electricians a call.
  • Visual indications of shorts or burning. Make a habit of occasionally checking outlets and wiring in your home. If you spot streaking along walls (black or brown most typically, may be yellowish) or around outlets, it’s time to call in an emergency service team.
  • Ongoing problems. If you have received electrical repair recently, or even multiple times, but the problem just keeps coming back, we would call it an emergency. Something has to be seriously wrong for an electrical problem to just keep on happening, and a professional’s skillset would be wise to pursue.

We’d like to add that any time, any time at all that you feel threatened by your home’s electrical, it is an emergency. Electrical specialists like the team at Santor Electric Contractors, as well as your local fire department, take your safety very very seriously. If you think you maybe even might need a pro or some assistance, go ahead and give us a call! Better for it to be a false alarm than for something to go seriously awry.

On top of this, we encourage you to look further into the issue once it’s fixed to prevent it from happening again. For example, if you had to get some damaged wires replaced then work out what caused the damage. Was it just natural wear and tear or did mice chew them? If you know mice are what caused the issue, then go somewhere like the terminix offices in texas so you can get rid of them and not have to contact an emergency electrician for the same reason again.

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